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41 year old father of 4. Full Time worker. Trying to get fit and catch up the kids. Keeping up with all the crazes..

Planned Fitness Training for Week End Saturday 2nd March 2013

Sunday already done. 8 mile run steady pace through woods. Monday Gym from work good weight circuit session.5km min on treadmill plus cross training. Tuesday As Monday Wednesday 6-8mile run if ok through Newstead. Thursday Gym and treadmill Friday Morning … Continue reading

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Photo of the Day

My wife who we very rarely see posing. Still looking good at 39!!

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No More Heroes Anymore?

When you are very young, if you are lucky your parents will be your first heroes. Your role models and a major influence on how you will turnout in later years. As you grow up quite often you rebel against … Continue reading

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Photo of the day

You go to the cinema to watch a movie. The day after you to go to the Disney store to buy the merchandise. When did this start happening? Expensive movies. Remind me to watch movies on my own !!

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Happy Valentines Day

  Helped to do a bit of baking with some Valentine buns. Hope this gets me in the good books. Have a good one..

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A nice summers day eating ice-cream

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Top 10 moans about commuting this week.

1. Pedestrians who block the whole pavement off when walking. Making you go on road to pass. 2. If you need to answer your phone, send a text or browse the internet. Stand to one side. 3. If you are … Continue reading

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