Top 10 moans about commuting this week.

1. Pedestrians who block the whole pavement off when walking. Making you go on road to pass.

2. If you need to answer your phone, send a text or browse the internet. Stand to one side.

3. If you are in a queue with headphones on turn your ipod(other) OFF when you reach the front.

4. When at front of the queue once you get served do not look surprised when someone wants payment. Have your wallet purse handy.

5. Queueing is a pain nobody likes doing it. Do not under any circumstances jump the queue. We are all in a rush.

6. Be aware how loud your voice is in a confined space. You are not Dom Jolly.

7. If you need to sneeze or cough cover your face. Do not wipe your runny nose with your hand, then pass it to me to shake.

8. If you are taking part in a conversation with someone let them speak and listen to what they say. Do not listen then speak about something else entirely.

9. Nowadays not many things are free. Smiling, good manners, please and thank you. Do not cost you anything and make a world of difference .

10. People who create lists and moan needlessly . Oops!!!

Feel free to add more. Bad grammar is another one. Of which there is some in this post. In my defence I am doing post on mobile with small screen. Away from crowds.3Y6TSU6ABF7V


About petebritish

41 year old father of 4. Full Time worker. Trying to get fit and catch up the kids. Keeping up with all the crazes..
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